How to build a PHP debug environment, under Windows

The PHP language is a versatile option to develop since websites, to full web based systems, because of the high level of integration with the HTML sctructure, object orientation support and the fact of not requiring build and compilation. However, depending on the desired complexity, a good debugger and a development environment may be requisites.

In this article I explain how I use to build, under windows, a full PHP development environment, with debug support, using the Eclipse's last version available, because PDT All-In-One package is usually outdated one version or two of the last stable build.

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Fixing Home and End keys in Vim

I'm using a SSH server app to access my android device's files. To make this environment more useful, I have improved many configurations, but Vim insists on printing H and F when pressing <Home> and <End> keys, respectively.

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Keybindings to positioning windows in Lxde and Openbox

Working with development,  we use to deal with many open windows and type all the time, so it is very useful to have keyboard bindings allowing more than only maximize or minimize windows. I use Lubuntu, which is based on Openbox, and I am publishing here my lubuntu-rc.xml customizations, which depending on your system can be named as lxde-rc.xml or openbox-rc.xml.

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